For the record…

I have been keeping up with my workouts! It’s the blog posts that haven’t been happening.

Not because I’ve been too busy – I have definitely been very busy, but I’m not a fan of that excuse – it just hasn’t been a priority. 

That’s insightful, right? Now to muh post:

The YogaExxxx vid is loooooong. If I didn’t like yoga I think I might hate my life durig that time period. Who wants to do that for 90 minutes?? Well I did it and was totally a winner. 

I could tell Tony Horton was thinking “OH MY GOSH LET ME BE DONE” at some points…he wasn’t his usual shining star; he’s more of a “hey ladies, watch how many push-ups I can do *winky face**flex arm*.” Totes wasn’t happening during yogi time.

The other workout was legs and back and that was a sweater. And of course Tones was back to flattering himself…lol. 

#KylaNote – the biggest bummer I’ve come across with certain videos is you kind of need a pull-up bar. *Big surprise* but I don’t own one of those….instead I’ve just been using weights and pushing up with my hands facing the same way as they do. Another option is to get bands but,again, you need something elevated to attach them to. And I also have a very anti-bands addi due to a disagreeable swim team coach in high school who was a SUPER FAN of them. Still not over it.

Today is KempoX whatevs that is…I shall find out at fiiive!

Judging by the picture on the DVD’s cover that is super edited with contrast turned up to 1,000 so you can see all of this dudes muscles and such, I’m going to say kicking is involved. Sorry to my downstairs neighbors. 

And can I just say *knock on wood* I actually look forward to doing the videos…

I feel like a rockstar when I’m done. Could I perhaps be an at-home-workouter??? Wha? I’ve never been one of those! We shall see; I’m only a week in. I tend to jump the gun every now and then…


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