Day Three: The Limp Walk

I can officially say I did not succumb to the “no workout Friday” bug! That’s a really big deal when you’re an expert napper-after-work like myself.

I have reached what people call the “good burn” and I was really glad today’s workout was mostly static arm exercises. Who’s going to have those tank top arms just in time for winter…?! ?!

Yours truly. 


Tomorrow is YOGA DAY! This is M.Y. A.R.E.A. guys. But lest we forget…its YOGAX. LOL. I guess the X part is why they thought it had to be an hour and a half workout. Bleh. And this is going to be after a 5K tomorrow morning.


(Well that’s fantastic) Dur.

ANNNND yoga requires no shoes and no equipment. And…drumroll…no pants. WHOO! Universal workout, no?

Hopefully I’ll still have some finger typing power after all of my hoopla have tomorrow…guess we’ll see!


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