PLY-ometrics; Not Polymetrics. Hard; Not Easy.


Allll I could think about today was this workout. I think the most intimidating thing about the whole thing is the X in the title, no? I mean, everything sounds way more scary that way…





Does this mean in 10 more days I’ll be KylaRaeX! ?

Here’s Jellybean and me pre-PlyometricsX

One of the first sentences out of Tony Horton’s mouth: 

“Plyometrics puts the “x” in P90X.”

And I think : 

“Well this is going to be a big fat mess up in here.”


Tooootally a big fat mess. LOL. A perfect example of why I’m better off doing these high-intensity things in the privacy of my own home. At one point I felt like I looked like Phoebe from Friends when she did that dance to seduce Chandler…😂 But I was certainly entertaining myself!

My best bet to get through these things was to add hand motions to the exercises and make everything a dance move. WELL-AH!

#KylasSecretToSuccess #Dancing Queen

Here’s Jellybean and me after we (I) worked out

Hashtag Sweat-tay! 

Hashtag BOOYAH!
In response to yesterday’s workout, yes, I hurt. 

And I’m concerned that tomorrow is Shoulders and Arms. I better get to thinking of those dance mooooves!



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