Tardy for the Party

Oh my gosh I LOVE THAT SHOW. And I’m 100% not a reality show lover-gurl.  But it’s hillarious. And I’m watching it right now as I drip sweaty goodness (alcohol from my weekend vacay) after the first ab workout from #PEENINETYEXX so I thought since I’m several days late on my posts (and workouts) it was all too appropriate.

Just came up with that and I’m on a workout high right now so I’m going to roll with it.


So I haven’t written for the last two posts. You may or may not notice (may not if you’re my friend) that if I had worked out everyday since the last post I would have probably completed the series. Well here’s the thing:

  1. I also teach yoga so I have been working out
  2. I skipped Friday, Saturday & Sunday because I was on a wild, partying adventure
    1. Kyla’s version of “wild, partying adventure” consists of drinking cheap beer, making $5 bets on fast ponies, 9:45 bedtime and continental breakfast; don’t get carried away with your thoughts.

But you wanna know something great? I loved every second of the fattening fun and #noragrets

But now it’s Monday and it’s back to #PEENINETYEXX

Before I go over today’s core extravaganza, I’d like to talk about Thursday’s hooplah.

It was called Kempo…aka KICKBOXING. Rock On! I’m a star in my own mind at that. Especially since I have a mirror wall in my house and I could be all Sasha Fierce with my facial expressions. It seriously pumped me up and was the best workout I’ve had yet. If you ever just want to do one #PEENINETYEXX workout and be done with it, I’d go for that one. FAVE.

You may think it’s just an hour of cardio but you will be sore the next day. Well, if you go hardcore like I did you will be.

Today’s core workout was not my favorite…

I woke up early this morning and did some cardio at the gym so I’m going to blame that on my slouchy workout. And my taco salad I had for lunch. It was good but I can’t really say it was the best energy source. Neither was the trail mix that followed.

I’m almost done with this vid series which PUMPS ME UP and is very encouraging. I can’t say I’ll work out this weekend either because it’ll be my “rest series” but we all may get a big fat surprise on Monday. Probably not.





For the record…

I have been keeping up with my workouts! It’s the blog posts that haven’t been happening.

Not because I’ve been too busy – I have definitely been very busy, but I’m not a fan of that excuse – it just hasn’t been a priority. 

That’s insightful, right? Now to muh post:

The YogaExxxx vid is loooooong. If I didn’t like yoga I think I might hate my life durig that time period. Who wants to do that for 90 minutes?? Well I did it and was totally a winner. 

I could tell Tony Horton was thinking “OH MY GOSH LET ME BE DONE” at some points…he wasn’t his usual shining star; he’s more of a “hey ladies, watch how many push-ups I can do *winky face**flex arm*.” Totes wasn’t happening during yogi time.

The other workout was legs and back and that was a sweater. And of course Tones was back to flattering himself…lol. 

#KylaNote – the biggest bummer I’ve come across with certain videos is you kind of need a pull-up bar. *Big surprise* but I don’t own one of those….instead I’ve just been using weights and pushing up with my hands facing the same way as they do. Another option is to get bands but,again, you need something elevated to attach them to. And I also have a very anti-bands addi due to a disagreeable swim team coach in high school who was a SUPER FAN of them. Still not over it.

Today is KempoX whatevs that is…I shall find out at fiiive!

Judging by the picture on the DVD’s cover that is super edited with contrast turned up to 1,000 so you can see all of this dudes muscles and such, I’m going to say kicking is involved. Sorry to my downstairs neighbors. 

And can I just say *knock on wood* I actually look forward to doing the videos…

I feel like a rockstar when I’m done. Could I perhaps be an at-home-workouter??? Wha? I’ve never been one of those! We shall see; I’m only a week in. I tend to jump the gun every now and then…

Day Three: The Limp Walk

I can officially say I did not succumb to the “no workout Friday” bug! That’s a really big deal when you’re an expert napper-after-work like myself.

I have reached what people call the “good burn” and I was really glad today’s workout was mostly static arm exercises. Who’s going to have those tank top arms just in time for winter…?! ?!

Yours truly. 


Tomorrow is YOGA DAY! This is M.Y. A.R.E.A. guys. But lest we forget…its YOGAX. LOL. I guess the X part is why they thought it had to be an hour and a half workout. Bleh. And this is going to be after a 5K tomorrow morning.


(Well that’s fantastic) Dur.

ANNNND yoga requires no shoes and no equipment. And…drumroll…no pants. WHOO! Universal workout, no?

Hopefully I’ll still have some finger typing power after all of my hoopla have tomorrow…guess we’ll see!

PLY-ometrics; Not Polymetrics. Hard; Not Easy.


Allll I could think about today was this workout. I think the most intimidating thing about the whole thing is the X in the title, no? I mean, everything sounds way more scary that way…





Does this mean in 10 more days I’ll be KylaRaeX! ?

Here’s Jellybean and me pre-PlyometricsX

One of the first sentences out of Tony Horton’s mouth: 

“Plyometrics puts the “x” in P90X.”

And I think : 

“Well this is going to be a big fat mess up in here.”


Tooootally a big fat mess. LOL. A perfect example of why I’m better off doing these high-intensity things in the privacy of my own home. At one point I felt like I looked like Phoebe from Friends when she did that dance to seduce Chandler…😂 But I was certainly entertaining myself!

My best bet to get through these things was to add hand motions to the exercises and make everything a dance move. WELL-AH!

#KylasSecretToSuccess #Dancing Queen

Here’s Jellybean and me after we (I) worked out

Hashtag Sweat-tay! 

Hashtag BOOYAH!
In response to yesterday’s workout, yes, I hurt. 

And I’m concerned that tomorrow is Shoulders and Arms. I better get to thinking of those dance mooooves!




For those of you who have ever been so kind as to take a moment to glance over my few paragraphs of rambling every third month, I thank you.


Thanks to a few things that have arose recently, I have decided to do a certain thing that I am slightly concerned with.

You may be familiar with Julie & Julia; a lady (Julia) decided to cook her way through Julia Child’s cookbook and documented herself doing so.

I’m perfectly content with my cooking. Those who have to consume it may not be; but I think my bland steamed broccoli and lemon fish is balllller. And I’ll keep eating my organic goodies natural and plain just the way they are – much to my dear ole daddy’s disapproval; he believes organic foods and the (DELISH) frozen mushroom patties contribute to his high feed prices. We literally had a “stop taking my food out of the basket and putting it back on the shelves” argument in HEB after church one Sunday about a year ago. *cue Mother shaking her head*

Back to where I was going with J&J –

I’m a BIG FAT SUCKER for infomercials and in 2012 (yes, I’m still dwelling on something I did 3 years ago), I was pulled into the WAY AWESOME P90X DVD package for a mere THREE PAYMENTS. WHAT? As cheap frugal as I am, Tony Horton still reeled me and my hard-earned tip money (I was a waitress; not a stripper ya nasties) and I. BOUGHT. THE. SET.

I’ll give you all one unified guess of how many times I have completed this DVD series.

Goose. Egg.

So, as of today, I have decided to blog my way through this ever-so-challenging series of workout DVD’s just as Julie made her way through Julia’s cookbook. I’m doing this mainly so I have a reason to get off my butt and complete the challenge.

Mind you, I am a workout enthusiast. I teach yoga, have completed a Mud Run and Half Marathon and genuinely enjoy the satisfaction from it all.

Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t. – Elle Woods

But there are times when I would much rather be sitting on my couch with no pants on, drinking wine out of the bottle (to conserve dishes; worry not), while eating dry cereal and watching Steel Magnolias.

But you know what? That’s not going to get me the money back for the DVD’s.

Neither will completing them – but at least I’ll be able to say it was money well spent!

So here is my official public statement. Be on the lookout for my blog updates on how close I come to dying with each P90X workout!!

The first shall be….NOW.


The first day was Chest and Arms. Whoo.

I will say that I was bummed I didn’t have a pull-up bar because that was used quite frequently in this workout. I decided to use my weights and just do the push-up motion instead. #stillburned

Tony kept saying the phrase, “the last three have to be TOUGH!”

Well Tony, how about the first two? Is that good enough for you?

I found myself getting really sassy towards the TV.

Here’s a picture mom snapped of me in the midst of complaining about push-up overload.

#badform #noform #stillburned

Honestly, it’s a good thing I’m a DJ. My writing capabilities may be a little less than the usual tomorrow, but I shall still yap on as usual! You may all breathe a sigh of relief…

Tomorrow is Polymetrics. I’m more optimistic about this because I’ve never ever been a fan of upper body work. Gimme those  Utkatasanas, yo! (YOOOGIIIIS) Most of you have no clue right now; my apologies. Gimme those, chair poses, please. 

Tomorrow I will once again update with how this 12 day program goes. It sounds like kid stuff but YOU ARE INCORRECT. I may be looking to sell these DVD’s in 13 days for a mere THREE PAYMENTS! 😉



PS #stillburns