By the Beard of Zeus!

One week down.

And I think I like it. ūüôā

Everything is still a little surreal. In college I always had my own “space”, but now I can actually do WHATEVER I WANT (budget permitting) TO THE SPACE. How does that make me feel, you ask?


It’s way cray.

I loooove to decorate. And I don’t mind painting furniture either. Well, I didn’t until I had my “I can actually do WHATEVER I WANT (budget permitting) TO THE SPACE” moment. Because at the current moment, I’m pretty over it. But it’ll come back after another weekend of me binge-watching HGTV and DIY. Or the next time I pop open some Cab. Whichever happens first.

As if you don’t know…


Decorating seems to make everybody so happy on those shows.

Disclaimer: I do realize that the reason the hosts are always so perky is because they don’t do a lick of the work. Luckily,¬†I have accepted the fact and traded it in for not having to look as good as they do at the completion of the project. There’s nooo way I would wear my fur vest to refinish a coffee table. Also because I don’t have a fur vest. Because I spent my money on a house. They have it way too good.

Sorry, I’m over it.¬†

Sort of.

And to pull this focus train back into the station….

This whole house-buying thing was way doable.

Thanks in part to my awesome rooms, Krusty. Paha. Kidding. Her name is Kristie. And she might move out now that I just called her that other “K-word” on social media.

Other Disclaimer: Our celeb-couple name is Krusty Clamajaka. Sounds way gross and awful, but there’s one of those “it’s an inside joke”¬†explanations¬†that go along with it. So just work with me here.

To the point I was going for earlier – it’s a very rewarding thing to be able to say you’ve actually accomplished something with this kind of magnitude. And I’m very thankful to everyone who has helped. If I was doing all of this myself, it would be a lot less enjoyable. But the way things have gone, I would probably do it again. In 5 – 10 years.

And that’s the current update on my life as a homeowner.

Status: Still quite enjoyable



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