By the Beard of Zeus!

One week down.

And I think I like it. ūüôā

Everything is still a little surreal. In college I always had my own “space”, but now I can actually do WHATEVER I WANT (budget permitting) TO THE SPACE. How does that make me feel, you ask?


It’s way cray.

I loooove to decorate. And I don’t mind painting furniture either. Well, I didn’t until I had my “I can actually do WHATEVER I WANT (budget permitting) TO THE SPACE” moment. Because at the current moment, I’m pretty over it. But it’ll come back after another weekend of me binge-watching HGTV and DIY. Or the next time I pop open some Cab. Whichever happens first.

As if you don’t know…


Decorating seems to make everybody so happy on those shows.

Disclaimer: I do realize that the reason the hosts are always so perky is because they don’t do a lick of the work. Luckily,¬†I have accepted the fact and traded it in for not having to look as good as they do at the completion of the project. There’s nooo way I would wear my fur vest to refinish a coffee table. Also because I don’t have a fur vest. Because I spent my money on a house. They have it way too good.

Sorry, I’m over it.¬†

Sort of.

And to pull this focus train back into the station….

This whole house-buying thing was way doable.

Thanks in part to my awesome rooms, Krusty. Paha. Kidding. Her name is Kristie. And she might move out now that I just called her that other “K-word” on social media.

Other Disclaimer: Our celeb-couple name is Krusty Clamajaka. Sounds way gross and awful, but there’s one of those “it’s an inside joke”¬†explanations¬†that go along with it. So just work with me here.

To the point I was going for earlier – it’s a very rewarding thing to be able to say you’ve actually accomplished something with this kind of magnitude. And I’m very thankful to everyone who has helped. If I was doing all of this myself, it would be a lot less enjoyable. But the way things have gone, I would probably do it again. In 5 – 10 years.

And that’s the current update on my life as a homeowner.

Status: Still quite enjoyable



And they swore they’d never move me again….

So…………………………………I did it.

I bought a house.


This was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done in all of my 22 3/4 years of living. And probably the thing I’m most proud of. For those of you in complete and utter shock, you may be surprised to learn that I am quite responsible when it comes to the fiscal aspect of things. No, I cannot do math. And no, I probably will never learn. But I can definitely set up that automatic withdrawal from my checking to savings (shout-out to the Wells Fargo mobile app!).

I’ve learned a whole boat-load of things through this process. Because other than the Honda back in ’11, this is the first major purchase I’ve ever made.

For one, it was not as hard of a decision as I imagined it to be. As soon as I walked into my (soon-to-be) condo I felt as if I had found my wedding dress! Ridiculous, right? (I should probably lay off of the TLC wedding programming.) When I made that particular comment I could feel the¬†“Ugh, Kyla. You’re going to have to get married one day. Please.” ¬†look from Mom.

The only thing that would’ve made that first glance¬†more exciting would have been if Ty would’ve had a giant RV in front of the property and yelled “MOVE THAT BUS!” right before I opened the door. But alas, my Realtor walking me through the front door had to suffice.

Also, the fact that I have yet to feel any slight form of regret is pretty awesome. I may or may not be known for hasty decisions….but this was an easy YES. Oddly¬†enough, this one trait of mine still tends to take my parents by surprise even after all these years. I’ve always been one of those “If I really want to do it, I’m going to do it. Like right now.” kind of gals, but they still secretly hope that I’ve gone through all of the deep thinking required for these kinds of decisions. This is probably why my father offered me a large sum of money to forgo a wedding and just elope –¬†and then immediately ate his words and has never spoke of such things again. Because that idea does sound pretty dreamy. Quick to the punch. Just like I like it.

Pinterest has been my bestie-for-the-restie through all of this, too. So many ideas. Wait…so many CHEAP ideas. That’s what I meant. All of my remodeling ideas aren’t going to happen for a while, which is OK because it’s 100% move-in ready yesterday, but I’m still pretty stinkin’ stoked to be able to make it allll my own.

Move-in day¬†happened¬†and I have begun to observe my parents for any signs of emotional distress. They seem to be taking it pretty well. And they’re the best. Because they helped me more than I could have ever imagined! Yippee!

I’m doing pretty well so far. Considering. I’m just waiting for that first time I start to feel a little sad from adultville. Like when I hear sad songs about growing up on the radio. Or when my first payment is due. That might cause some tears. And pain. Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea…HEY PEPTO BISMAL!

You know you were all thinking it.