I Survived.

Hello friends!

This past weekend was spent at the Frio River engaging in bachelorettey things to celebrate the upcoming hitching of two dear friends. By “bachelorettey things” I mean quenching my every thirst with a liquid other than water. I’ll stop there.

Although I’m fairly certain I burned off a handful of those non-water-liquids tearing up the dance floor Saturday night, I knew I needed to take it a step further and do some damage control to ensure I would fit into my lovely bridesmaids dress [because it’s too late and I’m too broke for alterations].

So, my friends, I attempted to do detox #79800907986. [ <— I can never get past day 2].

And I am proud to say that this self-proclaimed-trailmix-junkie-and-corona-queen successfully completed the daunting challenge!

My food consumption was limited to three fruit & veggie smoothies per day.

And this sucked.

For those of you who don’t know me too well I’ll let you in on a little secret – I’m a snacker. Seriously.

If your belly is growling I’m the go-to girl. Because I will have a supply of snackies [that I may or may not hoard] in a very close proximity to me. This being said, there is no guarantee that I will actually share my stash OR that you will find my food as tasty as I do. I really enjoy healthy and bland foods. Sorry.

[Side note: It’s a definite guarantee that trailmix will be one of those non-sharing items. It’s my life support. My soul needs it.]

But anyways…

Each of these smoothies had their own “special appearance” and texture.

The breakfast one was deeelicious. I loved every sip and slurp.

The lunch smoothie, a.k.a. my SwampJuice/TankMoss drink was good but not something I would serve to friends. Or enemies, actually. If you can’t handle things with weird texture this is NOT for you. On the plus side, I was able to chew this the most…… :/

Dinner was the bomb-diggity. I can’t explain the excitement that I had for this meal. And it definitely looked least like the patties out in the pasture. So that was a bonus.

All in all, I’m done. And that’s what matters.

I questioned my detox-decision around lunch time on day 2, but then I remembered how much I had to spend buying all the produce and probiotics that went into this wonderful idea of mine.

I’d also like to add that I feel like a CHAMP. Apparently I was really toxy? Kind of gross. But I’m fresh as ever now!

Until I up the bachelorette-party-antie at the wedding, anyways.

For any other health-and-exercise-lovers, you should give her a go! Even though it slightly may suck. A lot.


Love, Kyla


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