America: Land of free ketchup and ice cubes in your drink

For the past 20 days I have been traveling throughout Europe. We started in Paris, France, drove to Germany, spent a week cruising the Rhine and Moselle Rivers, drove to Prague and Moravia, and finally spent the better-half of our last week in Salzburg, Austria.

It’s safe to say this has been a learning experience. Prior to this trip the farthest I had traveled was to Cancun when I was six – and the most exotic thing I had done was gotten my entire head of hair braided into teeny little braids with beads at the end. I was cute.

Since there’s absolutely no way I could ever go into detail about all of my newfound knowledge, I have compiled a list of things that….caught me off guard in Europe.

1. They can’t say Cmajdalka over there either.
2. College has perfected my ability to become a marathon sleeper. I can imagine those 10 hour flights would get a bit long for an insomniac.
3. The farmers wear flannel buttondowns and overalls.
4. They also carry wooden buckets.
5. If you have to pay to use public restrooms, ALWAYS carry spare change. I cannot stress this enough.
6. Our education system sucks a little bit.
7. European boys only wear skinny jeans and its gross.
8. Smoking is a big deal over hear. My lungs feel gross from breathing.
9. I would be an even worse driver over there.
10. It’s cold across the pond.
11. Hot beer is good when it is 11 degrees Celsius.
12. Every little shop sells pastries out the wazoo.
13. Euros are pretty.
14. Possession of small amounts of cocaine is legal in Prague
15. Possession of all drugs is legal in Portugal.
16. Some highways (autobahns) in Germany don’t have speed limits; however, some types of vehicles do have speed guidelines to follow.
17. CzechMex and Germican is quite tasty after living off of weinerschnitzel and sourkraut for two weeks,
18. They “schnitzel” everything.
19. Beer is cheaper than water.
20. The water they do serve is “sparkly” and not at all thirst-quenching.
21. Always save room in your suitcase so you can bring your friends back homemade liqueur and schnapps.
22. If you have small children and intend on flying across the Atlantic Ocean, be a gem and give them large quantities of sleeping meds.
23. Go to Hitler’s Eagles Nest and climb the mountains if you ever go to Austria. Of course, my fascination with this place could have a lot to do with the fact that there was like a million feet of snow to play in. I may have built two ADORABLE snowmen.
24. The toilets have two flush buttons; one to flush just a little and one to flush a lot. Chose wisely.
25. Sometimes there’s not buttons. Sometimes there’s a string hanging from the ceiling that you have to pull.

This has been a very interesting trip to say the least. If you enjoy history like me, this is the place to be. Castles are everywhere. Little towns that barely escaped WWII bombings line the rivers. The landscape is unimaginable.

The language barrier can tend to be a problem, however. Especially when you forget what country you are in. Not that I knew how to speak to anybody anyways, but some over exaggerated hand gestures and a smile can get you far.

For those of you who were wondering about the title….
Ketchup, the essential ingredient to every meal must be a delicacy over here. They don’t just hand it out willy-nilly. You have to fork over .90 euros per package. Talk about a bummer. I will never again take the pumpers at Whataburger for granted. And as far as the ice cubes go…they don’t believe in “cool refreshing beverages”.

I will have pictures within the net couple of days…hopefully.



One thought on “America: Land of free ketchup and ice cubes in your drink

  1. hilarious and so true, kyla! πŸ™‚ especaially because i know the german and the american culture πŸ™‚ hope you are doing well, love from germany, amelie

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