Castle Hanky Panky


I realize I’m in the wrong country [on the wrong continent] to be using such a greeting but I’m so tired of being lost in the language. I know enough French to order a croissant, enough German to order a beer and enough Czech to wash my bellybutton with a wash cloth [don’t ask]. It’s safe to say I have strained my brain; reached into the deep, dark, solitudes; the depths of my cranial capacity. It’s exhausting.

I couldn’t even say how many castles/countries/cities/towns/pastryshops we’ve been to. A new destination every day sounds very appealing [and it truly is], but it has it’s way of throwing a girl off her schedule.

I know for a fact tomorrow is Heidelburg and a beer tasting, but I’m going to end with that. And Prague is in my very near future. Maybe Sunday?? I can’t remember.

You may be wondering about the title. All credit goes to Grandma. As usual.

At one point between now and the last post we were in the Nuremburg Castle. We had toured halls, dining rooms, ladies rooms, kitchens, towers and all the other lovely rooms that are involved in royal living. Out of the blue I hear, “You know, I bet there was a lot of hanky panky going on with all these hallways.”

A moment passed…

“Meet me in the tower!”

Haha. Funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Especially from a mall-walking, church-going, incredibly-loving little old lady. Hehe!

All joking aside it was a beautiful castle! Oddly enough I really enjoy hearing about the torture methods and punishment used back in the day. But that’s a perfectly normal thing for a little blue-eyed blonde girl, right?

We went into [what was] the stables. They hadn’t had any records suggesting where the people were punished so they decided on this particular area.

Back then, they coudn’t give punishment without a confession. So how did they get the confession, you ask? Easy. They simply tortured them to the point of confession. Duh….

The methods of torture range from spikey chairs, to iron masks, to sitting in an iron bull heated by fire. Sounds simply delightful.

Once they got a confession, THEN they were punished. You know…the ole’ public humiliation, death kind of thing.

Today we actually went to an entire musuem full of torture devices. And I thought it was very interesting. And now my mother is very concerned. Sorry, Mom.

Tonight we had the Captain’s Dinner on the ship and it’s safe to say I will never eat again. Ever. I’ve said this before but I really mean it this time. So. Much. Food.

And then out of the blue Grandma throws out another one-liner.

“I saw Slum Dog Millionaire once and I didn’t really like it.”


And people wonder where I get it from…

Everything has been great here. It’s been really cold, which I could really do without, but the scenary is very pituresque.

Have a wonderful day:)



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