So long, ‘Merica

For the next couple of weeks I will be spending my time trekking all over beautiful Europe! Now, I’ve never flown overseas before so of course I have a few reservations about this whole ordeal. While I’m gone I will be blogging about all of my exciting adventures and whatnot…when I have wifi…so be excited!

Today, on the eve of my “21 Day European Extravaganza!”, I thought I’d clear my head of my first-time-overseas-travelers-anxiety.

In the past, I have been known to have somewhat “far fetched” thoughts, so no judgement.

1. Is crying acceptable in the case that luggage is lost? I can see myself putting up more of a fight than Willie did on the Duck Dynasty season finale…

2. Do cruise ships cause nausea? I’ve gotten seasick at the lake before, so one could understand my worries over this particular issue.

3. I feel like I should be put on a child leash when it’s tour group time.

4. Is it really possible to find a famous (secretly evil) European pop-star who has a duet partner with my exact face so I’m asked to stand in for the girl while he tries to ruin her career? Because it happened on the Lizzie McGuire Movie so it must be real life, right?

5. I hope Jellybean doesn’t run away trying to find me.

6. Bad people better stay away from me. I have no problem whipping out my pepper-spray .

7. Pickpockets too.

8. Will people look at me and know I’m American? I’m trying to dress as “European” as possible. And I have been working on my accent for quite some time now…

9. What if I look SO European that other tourists stop me to ask questions? Mmm that would be so exciting!

10. Is life totally and completely different there? I’m a pretty sheltered gal.

My flight leaves tomorrow and I think I have successfully packed everything I could possibly need. The weight limit for suitcases is 50 pounds and I’m only at 30 – so I will probably be spending the afternoon shoving a few more outfits in there.

I really hope whole layover/airport-switcheroo works out ok. I’ve now decided that in the case of lost luggage crying would be PERFECTLY acceptable.

I don’t think I will be sleeping tonight…an 8 hour flight should cure any sleepiness I may have:)
I really do love sleeping.

I think that’s all for now. I hope to have really exciting stories and pictures to share!

I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on the whole European-popstar-alter-ego-life-switching thing…




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