Collegiate Wisdom…sort of

Hello again!

Sorry I haven’t been consistent with my postings. I’ve had a lot going on lately and had to put a few things on the back burner. But, alas, I am back. You can all rest assured. ūüėČ

With graduation approaching, I have decided to devote this week’s post to the wisdom I have obtained while in college…outside of the classroom [the actual stuff that matters].

Throughout college, one must take a million hours of worthless classes that are credited towards each degree plan. I don’t know why an agriculture communications and journalism student must take humanities, chemistry and math classes, but it’s required. And I am happy to say I survived. Barely. But still, I will soon have those two little letters after my name. Wahoo!

A lot changes in the few years spent in college. Physically and mentally. Whether you realize it or not, you are on the fast-track to the big kid world. So get ready!

I know I have changed a lot. I still get the “You’re how old? I would have guessed 15!” every day of my life, but I can tell I look different.

senior face











See…well kinda.

Plus I think differently. Just about life in general. My priorities are sooo different than they were when I first came to college. But that’s ok, because I have experienced things in life that have made me who I am right now.

Before: boys, friends, food, fun, school.

Now: school, jobs, food, exercising, bills, rent,  money, friends, Jellybean, then boys somewhere after all that.

[I have decided my Nana would rearrange this list. I have started to catch-on that every time I go home she has another man lined up and tries to marry me off quite often.]

Anyways, here’s my brief list.

1. Just because a class is online doesn’t mean it will be easier. These classes are usually harder because you have to constantly remember that one class. Regular classes are always on the mind because you have to go to it [well, it’s¬†recommended]¬†at least once a week. If it’s online, then you don’t have that constant reminder of quizzes and tests.

2. The bus drivers are often students. The same age as you. Possibly even younger. Now, I have never applied for the position of bus driver [you’re welcome], but after going on a few wild rides I have determined that this test must not be very difficult. There’s a good chance that as a passenger on one of these buses, you will have your fair share of whiplash. It is also recommended that a stable sitting position is maintained. Although sitting sideways on the seats may be more comfortable, I can guarantee that when the first turn comes you will be tossed around and looking for the nearest hand bar to grab.

3. Sorority girls and Frat daddies have their own dress code and lingo. A sorority girls daily attire will consist of: XXL t-shirts, Nike shorts, a bedhead ponytail, dollar store Disney character watch, and either crew socks pulled up with brightly colored asics tennis shoes or those strappy-velcro sandals [often in a red, purple or teal]. This is accompanied by a Northface backpack with a nalgene clipped on with those rock-climbing giant hooks. If for some reason they must dress up, it is usually a Michael Kors/Kate Spade/Vintage fiasco.

Now, on to the boys. Their attire is as follows: Either Guy Harvey t-shirts or Columbia/Magellan fishing shirts, with a tad-too-short khaki-material shorts. Usually brightly colored. This is accompanied by Sperry’s and Ray Bans.

As far as the lingo goes, there are a lot of sayings from the 80’s [Or so I think. I was not around for this particular decade]. This is usually followed with very loud laughs and a lot of Gig Em’s.

4. Expensive, name-brand backpacks are the envy of every campus girl.

5. Northgate is very fun. But very expensive. My best advice is to look pretty and hope some guy offers to buy you a drink.

6. Those who ride bikes on campus have no regards for the walkers. If there is a bike coming your way, you have two options: 1. Stand still and stare at them until they peddle around you 2. Step to the side very quickly and hope anther one doesn’t come from the other direction and get your heels with the front tire.


8. Going to the bar is a fun time, but it is smart to have a false number to give out to any stragglers. This is often fool-proof, but in the case they call you immediately to “give you their number”, do the following: pretend you don’t have signal, act like you have a phone call from your friend that intercepted the text/call, or run away quickly while saying your friend needs your help. Alter-egos are also fun.

9. You should probably exercise. College is where you are supposed to find your soul-mate so you have to look smokin at all times.

10. There’s also a good chance you won’t find your soul-mate in college [hello]. This is a little disheartening considering most people this age are getting engaged and having babies….

This can also be a good thing if you really think about it. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend you won’t be as willing to try new things or meet new people. Besides, love is dangerous.

11. You will change. A lot. Most of the things/people from your High School days won’t be a part of your life anymore when you do graduate but that’s ok. You have probably changed more than you realize and have different preferences.

12. Finding a church is also important. At least for me it was. I am a big Christian and sometimes life can be overwhelming. It’s nice to have a place to go to at least once a week to just wind-down and feel comfortable.

12. Make new friends. This is the most important thing [next to finding a church and exercising to look smokin hot] in my opinion. It makes life more exciting. Plus it’s a way to make your new town feel more like your home, rather than just the place you are temporarily living at while in school.

13. You should probably learn to finance your money. Although I still haven’t quite figured this part out I have definitely gotten better at it. I’ve always been money¬†conscious¬†but it’s more important when you have big kid bills and rent to pay.

14. Once you move out you won’t be able to move back home. Well, you can, but it won’t be the same. In college you develop your own way of living, own routine and own rules. You grow up!

15. However….you should never pass up the opportunity to go home! You will realize you get along with your parents a lot more and really value what they have to say when you don’t see them everyday. They are actually a lot smarter than you think;)

There are a lot more life lessons I’ve learned in college but the list would go on forever. In general you just change as a person and don’t realize it until looking back.

I feel very insightful after all this.

Have a happy day!



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