Internship Mayhem…Possible Career…More Random Things

I’m back! I’m back! I’m back!

Hi readers (mom)!

In case anybody forgot, I was interning in Austin during March so that’s why I was neglecting my poor little blog. But, have no fear – because I am back! For now. I’ll be leaving for Europe in 38 days, so we’ll see how the blog postings will work around that when the time comes…


I’ve been busy figuring out what to do with my life after I graduate on May 9. Surprisingly, I have had a little luck in my endeavors! I learned a lot during my time in Austin and sort of centered in on a possible career goal…

My internship was amaaazzingg! I wrote press releases for the website and interviewed people for the stories.

Speaking of interviews.

I interviewed cowboys.

And by cowboys I mean the hotties who jump on the back of the crazy bulls and broncs for an exciting eight (hopefully) seconds. And look mighty fine doing it.


I don’t know what it is about them. But they win.

They frazzle me more than college. [[ see College Makes Me Frazzled ]]

However, after much research and hard thinking I have come to the conclusion that this weakness I have with the young men is hereditary.

You see, my mother has passed this trait down to me; she once succumbed to this condition.

I’m not too familiar with the time frame, but according to a picture on a shelf in our house…my dad rode bulls. Yes, Papa Paul had a few wild hairs in his day! And also according to this picture, he was pretty good at holding on.

But then again, I have decided that if I ever got the hankering to jump on the back of one of them bad boys I would most definitely make the eight seconds. I could probably even pull a 20 second ride.

Once that bull is out of the chute there is absolutely noooooo way I would EVER let go. Unless, of course, I was wearing a full body suit of armor and wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap.

I get enough injuries in my daily life without riding bulls, so I should just probably keep my seat in the stands.


Sorry, I get off track a lot. Back to my insightfulness.

During this internship I got a better idea of what I think I want to do in life. Yay!

I know I want to write. And do design work. I’m a nerdy girl who likes computer work. Even if my eyeballs may not appreciate it.

And I know I want livestock to be somewhere in there too.

If this doesn’t work, I have also created a back-up plan.

Well, another back-up plan. [My first back-up plan is becoming a trophy wife.]

I need a job that allows me to talk. According to some, I tend to be a chatter box once I get to know you. Super quiet at first. But it doesn’t last long. Sorry.

Just communications, public relations and marketing all wrapped up into a fun little ball. That’s what I need. And if I can somehow throw livestock, cowboys, baking and music into the mix, we’d be golden!

I like to bake. And I like music. A lot.

But yes, so that’s where I am in my life journey.

Until I get this dream job, I will be a happy waitress/college girl.

Have a wonderful day:)




P.S. For those of you who were wondering, Jellybean missed me a lot but she is doing well now that we are reunited.



2 thoughts on “Internship Mayhem…Possible Career…More Random Things

  1. OmG!!! Girl I miss you a lot at work but I can set you are having fun!! I wish you the best on this trip and becareful no to much wine 🙂

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