It’s Monday…again

I’d like to dedicate today’s post to all the losers out there like me.

Now, take notice – I don’t say “loser” with low self-esteem. I’m generally a very confident person. However, the enormous amount of awkward that the good Lord decided to instill in me often prevails and creates sort of a “loser status” – which is what I am referring to today. I’ve adjusted to this and accepted it. Sort of “taken it with a grain of salt the whole salt shaker”.

I’ve never been all that hooked on reality television, but I’ve always been positive that my life would be very suited for my own show. Just because when I tell people of the things that happen on a daily basis people seldom believe me. Weird and embarrassing things just happen to me more often than not.

I’m not complaining. These things keep life interesting and ever-changing. I’m just venting to whomever chooses to read my page. ūüôā

And so we begin…

I woke up this morning [late] to the lovely odor of cat poop. [My 3GS is a piece and the alarm failed to go off for the second day in a row]. Anyways. Jellybean, the love of my life [whom I saved from Craigslist and immediately spayed ~you’re welcome, Bob Barker~] has taken up the habit of greeting me in the mornings with a nice turd on my rug in the bathroom. This has become an awful habit of hers and I can’t figure out why. I have cleaned her litter box, rearranged it’s location, took off the lid, put the lid back on, and finally just picked up the rugs. I don’t know what to do and needless to say her fluffy face does me in when I attempt to “yell” at her. So if any of you out there know how to train a cat [who has never before had a problem like this] please, please, puhhleeeease let me know. Thanks.

I then proceeded to go to class. In the rain. Wanna know something crazy? I wore a white t-shirt today. Yes. Wanna know something else? I haven’t owned an umbrella since my freshman year of college. Wanna know why? I bought one and the first day I used it the wind blew hard enough to bend it inside out and pull me in a backwards motion. This was a very scarring moment for me and I just can’t seem to fork over the 14 bucks to go through all that again.

As I walk into class late, I hand my teacher the note she had previously requested so excuse me from my upcoming internship in March so that I could get all of my assignments from her [she didn’t have them ready]. Boo.

I leave school and head back to the house only to see the lawn guys have gotten grass all over my bathroom rugs. I consider speaking with them, but conveniently enough, “no habla engles”.¬†

I head over to a coffee shop to do my homework and it begins pouring down rain. We need it so I just try to be grateful and go ahead and give my mommy one of the 5 daily phone calls she usually receives.

When the rain finally stops [20 minutes later] I go inside only to very obviously hit my head on a huuge lamp shade while trying to plug in my laptop. It shakes and hits the wall and of course this was not done quietly.

This next happening was not embarrissing, but just funny so I had to add it to the list:¬†I get a text message from my mom with a picture she had secretly taken of the guy who delivers our hay [who is 30, but still smokin hot as ever] essentially suggesting that I marry him. Not that I would mind, except for the fact that he’s in a relationship. But not to worry, she has a plan! Dear ol’ Nana is going to trip him with her cane to distract him while putting my number in his back pocket. She won’t get in trouble for this because “nobody will care because she’s an old lady.” Haha. Brightened my day fosho.

That’s it for the day. I’d like to mention that it’s only 1:35 p.m., so there is plenty of time for more to happen. As an added bonus, I work tonight so I will most likely have one of those moments previously mentioned in last week’s post.

Again, I’m not complaining. Or not intending to complain at least. I’m just venting about the weird/embarrassing/awkward stuff that happens in my daily life. I am also procrastinating on my homework. But what’s new:)

I know my life is wonderful and when stuff like this happens I usually end up laughing at myself anyways. I also call my mom and tell her about it and she laughs too. So this makes it better.

When weird things happen to me around cool kids and I feel like crawling under a rock I like to think of this one particular bible verse, so I thought I’d share:)

“Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is.” Jerimiah 17: 7-8

I could be interpreting this wrong, but to me this just means that weird things happen to me for a reason and I have to trust it’s just the Lord building my character. That may not make sense to anybody else, but to me it does. [My brain works in crazy ways sometimes.]


Have a good, and unawkward Monday!





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