About Me


ring edit

Sorry if that word bothers you. I’m an Aggie so I have to say it. {I’m almost positive there’s a student fee for it somewhere in the tuition so I’m going to wear it out just in case. They getcha wherever they can these days.}

This is just a little tidbit about me. Not that I’m all that interesting that I need an entire blog to myself, but I like to write. And I’m a crafty lady so I’ll share some of those fun things as well. And just an added bonus – I’m terribly awkward, so I have a lot of good stories. And I have a cat, so that speaks for itself.

Anyways…about me:

I’ve always considered my life to be somewhat hectic. In a good way of course. With that being said I’m going to use the cliche “creative people have messy minds” thing to my advantage. Because I am creative. I am actually very creative! But I am also organized…as in I use my planner to write things down so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off once completed. It’s been working for me quite well thus far.

Now on to the transition…

I am a senior in college. Yep. The dreaded “last year of fun”. {cue evil laugh} I should technically be a junior, but my nerdiness excitement for learning took over the whole typical four-year degree plan thing.

So, the time has come. Time to transition from the college kid life {that I have perfected over these last three years} to big girl life. Sounds fun…right?

Sure – I’m ready for the transition…even if I don’t technically have a future job at the moment. I could always stick with my current position and be a waitress forever. Yea, right. Definitely the most humbling job out there – but that’s another time.

My dream is to become a professional events coordinator for a large corporation, a.k.a. Public Relations Specialist. This is where my creativity would come into play. And my planner. I really am good at that kind of stuff. And I really do love it. Sounds like a career plan to me!

This blog is going to be mostly me getting out my thoughts. Feel free to read – you never know what I have floating around in my head. I had another blog at one time, but I lost my log-in information….{that whole messy mind thing}.

But alas, it is time to start fresh! Time to transition into something new.




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